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Since a human being, rather than a robot, will respond to your message, the response will not come in a minute or an hour, but definitely in a day or two or three.

Nygaard Notes is also available in paper form. To receive a subscription, send a check made out to "Nygaard Notes" to the address given on the contact page. Suggested amount is $25.00, which will get you approximately 35 issues of Nygaard Notes. But you can send any amount you like, since I charge you only the actual costs of printing and mailing each issue. So, whatever amount you send, I will subtract the cost of printing and mailing each issue from your balance, and will notify you when your subscription is about to expire. It might be 30 issues, it might be 40 issues. If postal rates go up, it may be less. If you'd rather pay electronically, you can do so quickly and easily via PayPal; just click the image below to

Support Nygaard Notes

Nygaard Notes exists to educate, inform, challenge, and entertain its readers. It does not exist to make a profit. While costs of production are very low, donations of equipment, time, or funds will make the project stronger and enable us to reach more people. Here's how you can help:

Donate Money. Every donated dollar will help pay for phone bills, research materials, printing, postage, office supplies, services, mileage, and the hundreds of "little things" that go into producing Nygaard Notes. Send your check to Nygaard Notes, P.O. Box 6103, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

If you prefer, you can now donate quickly and easily via PayPal; just click the image below to

Make an annual donation. I would like YOU, as a reader of Nygaard Notes, to consider donating an annual amount for your subscription. I call these annual donations Pledges. Pledges are voluntary, meaning that no one will be taken off of the Nygaard Notes list for not donating. The point is that donations in any amount will be accepted. I suggest that the basic donation might be around $25/year. For a fuller rationale, explanation, etc, see Nygaard Notes #447.

Help get the word out. Here are some ideas about how to do it:

  • Re-publish, or re-post, issues that you particularly like
  • Link to Nygaard Notes on your website or in your emails
  • Forward specific pieces to your friends and family and encourage them to subscribe
  • Tell your friends about the Notes
  • Give gift subscriptions (you don't have to tell the recipient that subscriptions are free!)
  • Print out PDF copies of the paper version of the Notes and leave copies in your favorite hangouts.

Donate equipment. Here are some things that are needed at the moment:

  • I could use a simple "all-in-one" printer/scanner/copier/fax. Doesn't have to be fancy, just compatible with a PC running Windows 7.

Webmaster work!

  • As you can see, my website is functional, but pretty old-fashioned. Do you have the skills to design a new Nygaard Notes website? Let's talk!