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Nygaard Notes #597, June 9, 2016: “Quote” of the Week: “Taxpayers Are Subsidizing These Companies”; The $15 Minimum Wage: Worries, and Facts, in the Media; Learn More About the Fight for $15; Obama in Hiroshima: Whose Narrative?; Hiroshima 1945: “Dropping the Bomb Was Completely Unnecessary”; American Exceptionalism in the News

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What is Nygaard Notes?

Nygaard Notes is an independent newsletter written and published by Jeff Nygaard (subscription info here). Nygaard Notes is concerned with a broad range of issues and ideas, using humor and plain language to reach out to anyone who believes in the values of solidarity, justice, compassion, and democracy. Nygaard Notes is intended to educate, inform, and entertain readers. Nygaard Notes is also intended to challenge its readers, inspiring them to move away from passive ways of thinking and toward more active, creative ways of thinking that lead to positive action.

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Recent issues:

Nygaard Notes #596, May 18, 2016: "Quote" of the Week: "The Basic Structure Is Itself Unjust";Extremism and Stability in The Media; All of the Candidates Are Extreme; Iraq and Afghanistan and Extremism: Is Bernie Sanders an Extremist?; Paul Ryan. Voice of Reason?

Nygaard Notes #595, March 18, 2016: TWO "Quotes" of the Week: The Basic Structure Is Itself Unjust” and a funny budget remark; “Attacks Are Likely to Intensify”: Individualism and Terror; What We Know and What We Don’t Know: Individualism and Health; “It’s Not Going to Decrease in Any Way at All”: Individualism and Drugs

Nygaard Notes #594, February 19, 2016: "Quote" of the Week: "Over 1 Million Face Loss of Food Aid": "They Had Nothing to Do with al-Qaeda"; The Drone Papers; Drones: What to Do; A Long Way to the Moon

Nygaard Notes #593, January 26, 2016: "Quote" of the Week: "Fatal Police Shootings of Black Men Prompted Resignations" (?); Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #10: ALWAYS ASK THE TWO BIG QUESTIONS; Ten Concrete Tips for Media Propaganda Self-Defense: Summary and Conclusion; People of Color Living in the Shadow of Danger

Nygaard Notes #592, January 15, 2016: "Quote" of the Week: "Perched in Splendid Isolation on Top of the Pile";Fancy Word Warning: The Word is "Metacommunication"; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #9: NOTE THE METACOMMUNICATION; No Crime Wave, No "War on Cops"; Anti-Racism: Join The Circle

Nygaard Notes #591, December 21, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "The Very First Act of Conscious Liberation"; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #8: KNOW YOUR ABCs; Racial Frames in the Daily News

Nygaard Notes #590, December 10, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Even the Slightest Note of Regret"; Paris, Beirut, Yola, Kano: Shades of Empathy; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #7: INTERROGATE YOURSELF AS YOU READ OR WATCH THE NEWS

Nygaard Notes #589, November 23, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Very Few Officers Were Disciplined";Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #6: DON'T "TRUST" ANY NEWS SOURCE; The Candidates and the Minimum Wage: What Are The Questions?

Nygaard Notes #588, November 6, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "The Most Urgent Issue Facing Minneapolis"; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #5: Read the Whole Article; Case Study: The Working Families Agenda in the News

Nygaard Notes #587, October 22, 2015: "Quotes" of the Week: Notes About the Notes; Have You RENEWED Your Pledge?; Memory, Context, and Perspective: The Role of

Nygaard Notes #586, October 14, 2015: It's Pledge Week at Nygaard Notes!; A Few Key Facts; Making a Pledge: How to Do It?; Nygaard Notes Year in Review

Nygaard Notes #585, September 30, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "It's Not the Way He Works."; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #3: YOU Ask the Questions; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #4: Asking Questions About... What?

Nygaard Notes #584, September 16, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "A Race Toward Repetitive, Trivial Journalism"; Ten Concrete Tips for Media Propaganda Self-Defense; Media Propaganda Self-Defense, Concrete Tip #1: Context Before Details; Concrete Tip #2: Eat A Balanced Diet

Nygaard Notes #583, September 8, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Prejudice is much less than half the story."; Race and Jury Selection; Understanding Structural Racism

Nygaard Notes #582, July 31, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Streets That Are Virtually Free of Crime or Violence"; Website of the Week: Climate and Capitalism; "Expanding Social Security Is Completely Affordable"

Nygaard Notes #581, July 22, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "We must rethink and refeel our nature"; Is the Pope a Marxist?; Laudato Si': "No Room for the Globalization of Indifference"

Nygaard Notes #580, July 10, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "A True Ecological Approach Always Becomes a Social Approach"; Going The Way of the Dinosaurs; "Global Warming as a Human Rights Violation"; Sunset of the Empire: "Unthinkable Even Two or Three Years Ago"

Nygaard Notes #579, July 2, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "It is important to use the term 'terrorism'"; "Muslim Extremists." "Right-Wing Extremists." Which is the Greater Threat?; The Reality of Terrorism "May Come as a Surprise"; Websites of the Week: SPLC and PRA

Nygaard Notes #578, June 19, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Nearly $17 billion"!; Introducing: Sunset of the Empire; Sunset of the Empire: China in South America; Off the Front Page: Chemical Weapons Destroyed

Nygaard Notes #577, June 12, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Our Unconscious Is Running the Show"; Thinking About Police Violence, Thinking Systems; Odds and Ends on the Subject of Racism

Nygaard Notes #576, June 4, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "The System Is Failing Everyone, Including the Police."; Racism and Police Violence: Where to Begin?; The Four Levels of Racism; A Primer on Implicit Bias; "Debiasing": Changing Our Unconscious Biases

Nygaard Notes #575, May 8, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Civilian Harm Caused by U.S. Airstrikes"; Threats to the Empire; Empire Decline in the Americas; Turkey and the Threat of Independence; "An Agent of Vast Economic Progress"; April 24th: A Remarkable Day in the Times

Nygaard Notes #574, April 6, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Avoiding Potential Criticism"; The Beijing Declaration Turns 20; "The Gap Widens Between Washington and Allies"; Inequality and Perplexing Miracles

Nygaard Notes #573, March 14, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "The Quality of Life We Create"; Always a Top Story: The Welfare of the People; The Index of Social Health; The Human Development Report; The Measure of America 2013–2014; The Genuine Progress Indicator; Other Attempts to Measure Social Health

Nygaard Notes #572, February 18, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Beyond Purely Economic Aspects"; The Fifth Big Theme of the Year 2014: The Evolving State of Capitalism; Capitalism is Not Sustainable; Life After Capitalism; Sumak Kawsay: The National Plan for Good Living

Nygaard Notes #571, February 3, 2015: Two Climate-Related "Quotes" of the Week; The Fourth Big Theme of the Year 2014: Climate Change/Humans and The Environment; Climate News Top Stories, Honorable Mention

Nygaard Notes #570, January 26, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Inequality Unlike Anything Seen in Recent Years"; The Third Big Theme of the Year 2014: The State of U.S. Democracy; Voting, Money, and Having a Say; Equal Rights for All?

Nygaard Notes #569, January 16, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "A Tilt from a US World to a Chinese World";The Second Big Theme of the Year 2014: Decline of the US Empire; The U.S. Economic Empire Weakens

Nygaard Notes #568, January 9, 2015: "Quote" of the Week: "Homeless Being Priced Out"; The Top News Stories of 2014, Mainstream Version; One Big Theme of the Year 2014: Inequality

Nygaard Notes #567, December 17, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Law Enforcement Has No Choice but to Be Racist and Unjust";Engaging With Ebola: Systems and Individuals; Cuba: "The Only Country Well Poised to Answer That Call"

Nygaard Notes #566, November 26, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "A Nation of Immigrants"; Slavish Reliance on Official Sources. Why?; What's Wrong With Anonymous Sources?; What's Wrong With Objectivity?; Update on the "Imminent Threat" of Khorasan

Nygaard Notes #565, November 13, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Reversing Generations of Progress Against Poverty and Hunger"; War in Afghanistan "Until the End of 2024 and Beyond."; "What Democracy Looks like in Bolivia"; "Climate Change Is the Biggest Story Going"

Nygaard Notes #564, October 27, 2014: FALL 2014 NYGAARD NOTES PLEDGE DRIVE; "Quote" of the Week: "I plan to be more deliberate and conscious"; Making A Pledge: How to Do It; Nygaard Notes: Not Just a Newsletter; Have You Already Made a Pledge? Read This; Highlights of The Past Year In Nygaard Notes

Nygaard Notes #563, October 20, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Sticklers on International Law"; Timeline of Terror: War Propaganda at Work; Anonymity and Passive War Propaganda in the Media

Nygaard Notes #562, October 2, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: This is Why I Don't Respond to Surveys; Cancer. Systems.; Climate Good News #1: Vermont; Climate Good News #2: Saving the Planet Is Cheap. Really!; Climate Good News #3: Ozone Healing

Nygaard Notes #561, September 19, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Governments Prefer the Fantasy Picture"; Bias and the Intifadas; Systems and Responsibility: Drones; Systems and Responsibility: Bangladesh; Why Do Drones Kill? Why Do Factories Collapse?

Nygaard Notes #560, September 8, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "You know you are important"; "War Comes Home"; Introducing Systalectics; The Creation of a Thought System; Understanding Two Distinct Thought Systems

Nygaard Notes #559, August 15, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "It's About Land"; Off the Front Page: Poor Kids of Color in Minnesota; The Parasitic Private Sector and Health Care Overhead; Meanwhile, In Afghanistan...

Nygaard Notes #558, August 2, 2014: Covering Friends, Covering Enemies: Media Propaganda in Times of Conflict

Nygaard Notes #557, July 11, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Certain Orthodox Ideas Are Encouraged";"Pushing the Progressive Envelope" on Social Security; "Acting in Their Customers' Best Interest"

Nygaard Notes #556, July 6, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Too Inexpensive to Attract Attention"; Seeing Systems, Asking Questions

Nygaard Notes #555, June 20, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Shaped Less by National Priorities"; Faces of Power; Science in the Marketplace; Patent Protection: Friend of Profit, Enemy of Health; Experts for Hire: "Feeding the Media with the Science"

Nygaard Notes #554, May19, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "A more likely explanation: It's easy."; More Drone Propaganda from Yemen; "The Majority Does Not Rule"; Knowing, But Not Knowing

Nygaard Notes #553, May7, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Ordinary citizens have virtually no influence";A Tale of Three Budgets; There IS an Alternative: The Better Off Budget; A Couple of Helpful Hints on the Budget

Nygaard Notes #552, April 27, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Large oil spills are never cleaned up.";Energy Costs Outside of "The Market"; The "Grand Bargain" is Dead!; Seeing is Not Believing in Ukraine

Nygaard Notes #551, April 18, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Two Inescapable Facts"; No Debate: Climate Change is Happening; "What We Know: The Reality, Risks, and Response to Climate Change"; Climate Change, Doubt, and Thought Systems; Placement, Emphasis, and Tone: The Media's PET

Nygaard Notes #550, March 28, 2014: "Quotes" of the Week: 1. Hypocrisy; 2. Media; Hypocrisy That Knows No Bounds: Kerry on War; Neocons, Europe, and the Geopolitics of Ukraine; What to Do Before Reading the Front Pages (Ukraine Version); Resources for Ukraine Self-Education

Nygaard Notes #549, March 6, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "The Only Task We Can Reasonably Undertake"; Goals in Afghanistan Revealed; New Technology, Same Old Imperial Designs

Nygaard Notes #548, February 18, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Unintended, Unforeseen, and Completely Disastrous Consequences."; Corruption, Language, and Systems Theory; Health, Race and Systems; Steinbeck Helps Us Go from Villains to Systems; A Little Obvious Propaganda

Nygaard Notes #547, February 10, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: Bills to pay, profits to make; Mayors, Money, and Systems of Power; How Investment Corrupts Politics, and More; The Corruption of the Public Debate

Nygaard Notes #546, January 22, 2014: "Quote" of the Week: "Virtually Impossible to Solve"; Threatening The Threat; Attacking Edward Snowden Via the Media: No Evidence Needed

Nygaard Notes #544, December 16, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "We Are Biased Toward Existing Narratives"; An Anti-Capitalist Pope?; Climate Change 1: A "Violent, Sicker, Poorer Future"; Climate Change 2: Coming Ocean Changes "Massive" and "Truly Scary"; Report: Air Pollution Causes Cancer

Nygaard Notes #543, December 9, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: Going the way of the dinosaurs. In just decades!;A De-Americanized World; The Effects of Austerity; Expand Social Security?

Nygaard Notes #542, December 9, 2013: The 2013 Nygaard Notes PLEDGE DRIVE! Part II; "Quote" of the Week: ""I wish it could be more!"; Pledging: How Much?; Support Nygaard Notes – For Free!; Help the Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Nygaard Notes #541, November 7, 2013: The 2013 Nygaard Notes PLEDGE DRIVE!

Nygaard Notes #540, October 28, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "The Austerity Agenda That Has Become the Conventional Wisdom"; Democratic Sellout, In Their Own Words; Republican Victories, In Their Own Words; News-Speak: Victory is Defeat; Austerity and Sequestration: The List; Austerity and Sequestration: The Anecdotes; The Austerity Agenda Wins Again

Nygaard Notes #539, October 10, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: Victory and Defeat from Two Perspectives; "It's a Great Year for Republicans"; Voting Rights, Fighting Back, and the Constitution

Nygaard Notes #538, October 2, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: Victory and Defeat from Two Perspectives; Syria, Propaganda, and Resistance; Lessons of Empire; The New American Way of War; Modern War Propaganda; Stopping the War in Our Minds

Nygaard Notes #537, September 6, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "The solution to the Syrian crisis will not be found in escalated violence";A Primer on the U.S. and Syria

Nygaard Notes #536, August 27, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "In Order for Crude Oil Production to Grow..."; Setting the Agenda: Gathering News, Delivering News

Nygaard Notes #535, August 13, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: Forget the CIA. Your anger is the problem!; How We Name Things Is Important: Labeling The Media; The MCFPBAS Media!

Nygaard Notes #534, July 25, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "What Americans Want to See and Hear When They Watch the News";Thinking Dualistically Leads to Confusion: Here's How; Why Study Media?

Nygaard Notes #533, July 12, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "When We Push The Poor Into a Separate Category"; Categories in the News: Placement and Not-Seeing; "Important" Stories and Their Categories; Emotions and Decisions; Stepping Outside the Vicious Circle; Making Meaning: Lessons for Activists

Nygaard Notes #532, June 13, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "That May Suit Investors"; How We Make Meaning: Anchors and Categories; Propaganda ABCs as Anchors; Getting Meaning from Categories

Nygaard Notes #531, May 17, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "Seen as Accidental and Therefore Easily Forgotten."; "Not Simply about Watching Something Unfold"; Death, Danger, Fear, and Media; Crime? Accident? Or Something Else Entirely?; Ethical Clothing? Hidden Resources

Nygaard Notes #530, May 2, 2013: Nygaard Notes Spring Pledge Drive! (One week only)

Nygaard Notes #529, April 23, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "82% agree it is critical to preserve Social Security"Voting Rights and the President; Whose Votes Are Being Suppressed?; Who is Suppressing the Vote?; The Meaning of "Nonpartisan"; Voting Rights To Do List

Nygaard Notes #528, April 2, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "The Leading International Voice of Anti-imperialism"; Chávez Versus The Empire; Chávez Versus The Empire: Six Initiatives; The Weak, The Strong, and The Threat of Chávez; Chávez Notes and Resources; and... a Bonus "Quote" of the Week: "Amorphous"?

Nygaard Notes #527, March 19, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: Various, they're scattered throughout this issue; Hugo Chávez in the National Memory System; Was Chávez A Dictator?; The Economy Under Chávez; Social Health Under Chávez: Poverty, Inequality, and More

Nygaard Notes #526, February 28, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "Are we not as human as you are?"; Why the Media Misses the Big Stories; Going Up the River to Find the Top Stories

Nygaard Notes #525, February 18, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: Higher Minimum Wages Don't Cost Jobs;How The Structure of Media Distorts Reality, Part II: The Chicken Little Tendency; How The Structure of Media Distorts Reality, Part III: The Story-Telling Format

Nygaard Notes #524, February 6, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "Designed to Look like Civilian Aircraft"; Kids Are Safe in Our Schools, 2013 Version; How The Structure of Media Distorts Reality, Part I

Nygaard Notes #523, January 23, 2013: "Quote" of the Week: "A Longstanding Pattern of Poorer Health"; Profit is Beautiful, or So We're (Indirectly) Told; "Profits Soar." Workers Sore.

Nygaard Notes #522, December 31, 2012: "Quote" of the YEAR: "We Live in a Propaganda Society"; The 2012 Nygaard Notes Year in Review; The 2013 Nygaard Notes Year in Preview

Nygaard Notes #521, December 20, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: Three of 'em; "Fiscal Cliff? Or Fiscal Curb?; "Means Testing" = Stealth Attack; Simpson Bowles. Bowles Simpson. Bad Ideas, Either Way; The Myth of "Burdening" Our Children With Debt; Deficit Mania Groups To Watch Out For; Beware the Bipartisan; From "No" to "Yes"; Read These for Extra Credit

Nygaard Notes #520, December 17, 2012: "Quote" of the Week; The "Fiscal Cliff": Things to Know and Things to Do; Fiscal Cliff Notes

Nygaard Notes #519, December 7, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: What Iran Sanctions are Designed to Do; The Human Cost of Iran Sanctions; "Missteps" and "Backlash": Looking at anti-Iran Propaganda

Nygaard Notes #518, November 27, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Funders like That Brand of Guts"; It's For Their Own Good; Denial and Avoidance; Media Discourages Action; Just World Theory and the Media: Conclusions

Nygaard Notes #517, November 19, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Sweeping Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security"; Bonus "Quote" of the Week: "The New Normal for Our Youth."; The Voter Empowerment Act: Now in the Senate; Nygaard Notes Methodology; Media and the Just World Theory; Blaming the Victims; Dehumanizing the Victims

Nygaard Notes #516, October 23, 2012: The 2012 Nygaard Notes PLEDGE DRIVE!

Nygaard Notes #515, October 8, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: Voter Fraud, Yes. But Not What You Think; Just World Theory; Living Under Drones

Nygaard Notes #514, September 21, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "This would have been unthinkable"; Drones: "Killing Untold Numbers of Real People"; The Most Fundamental Misunderstanding About Social Security

Nygaard Notes #513, September 12, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Racial Resentment" and Voter ID; Sign Up for A Free Class on Propaganda. Taught by Nygaard!; The Presidential Campaign in a Nutshell; The Real Campaign Corruption

Nygaard Notes #512, August 22, 2012: "Quotes" of the Week: TWO Quotes This Week; Job-Killing Regulations?; Regulations, Jobs, and Quality of Life

Nygaard Notes #511, July 23, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Voter ID laws will make it harder for poor people to vote."; Website of the Week: The Economic Hardship Reporting Project; The Treasonous Pro-Polio Patriot?; "The New American Way of War" in the Media

Nygaard Notes #510, July 11, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "We live in a propaganda society."; Health Care and Public Relations; Strategy, War, and Health Care

Nygaard Notes #509, June 8, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Today, our freedom to vote is jeopardized; Real Problems with Voting in the U.S.; News You Missed: The Voter Empowerment Act; Kill List Logic

Nygaard Notes #508, May 21, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "The World Expects Our Soldiers to Do What's Right"; Reporting on... What?; Abandoning Afghanistan

Nygaard Notes #507, May 10, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Profound Consequences on Science and Society"; Science, The Public, and the Media; Climate Change: The Scientific Consensus

Nygaard Notes #506, April 27, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Militarism is an obstacle to all social progress"; "There's Only So Far We Can Go"; Apple and The System; Learn About the Federal Budget

Nygaard Notes #505, April 10, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "A Coordinated Effort to Exclude"; Website of the Week: Voter ID Talking Points; The Ryan Budget; And Now For Something Completely Different

Nygaard Notes #504, March 23, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "An Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights"; The U.S. and Afghanistan: "Trust Has Eroded"; Anonymous + Classified = Propaganda; This Ad Brought to You by The Pentagon; Voter Suppression Resources: Education and Action

Nygaard Notes #503, March 13, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Limiting the Ballot Access of Voters of Color";"An Assault on Voting Rights That Is Historic"; Voter ID: Intentions and Effects

Nygaard Notes #502, February 22, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Talk of war has reached a strident pitch";Identifying the "True Views" in a Media Story; Presidential Campaign Madness, Installment #1: "Meaningless" Becomes "Monumental"

Nygaard Notes #501, January 27, 2012: "Quote" of the Week: "Unrestricted by Borders"; War is Peace.  Self-Defense is a Threat.; "Trumpeting The New American Way of War"

Nygaard Notes #500, January 18, 2012: The 2011 NYGAARD NOTES YEAR IN REVIEW

Nygaard Notes #499, January 6, 2012: "Quotes" of the Week; The End of the Mythical War in Iraq; The Propaganda War; The Real War; The Suffering of the People of Iraq

Nygaard Notes #498, December 27, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "They are barbarians."Wars of Occupation: The Basic Myth; Iraq: A New "Security Architecture"

Nygaard Notes #497, December 14, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "The global war on drugs has failed...";Steve Jobs in China; News for the One Percent; "War on Drugs" Ever More Warlike; Fracking and the "Overwhelmed, Understaffed Inspectors"

Nygaard Notes #496, December 8, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "We want a more democratic country";Global Climate Crisis: "We Can Try to Incentivize"; The Iran Terror Plot: Facts Are Not Just Facts; Death Squads? Or War Propaganda?

Nygaard Notes #495, November 23, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: ""By 2040, Each Worker Will Produce Twice as Much as Today"; Off the Front Page: Health System "Slipping"; Investing in Right-Thinking Politicians; Prescription Drugs: Regular Old Corruption; Remote-Control War Part IV: Losing Our Minds, Losing Our Hearts

Nygaard Notes #494, November 11, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "We are constantly in battle"; Nygaard Notes Paper Version Price Increase; Remote-Control War Part III: "The Time Is Past for Debate"

Nygaard Notes #493, November 2, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "Declining toward rock bottom"; Beware Warren Buffett Emails; Drug Shortage Propaganda I: Normal in the News; Drug Shortage Propaganda II: "Eschewing More Ambitious Proposals"; War of the Future: Robots

Nygaard Notes #492, October 26, 2011: What They're Saying About Nygaard Notes; Nygaard Notes Pledge Drive: The Basics; The Nygaard Notes Project; Propaganda Just Happens. Dissent is a Choice, Part II: Winners, Losers, and Deep Propaganda

Nygaard Notes #491, October 21, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "You continually amaze me..."; Here's How to Make a Pledge to Support Nygaard Notes; Have You Already Made a Pledge? Read This; How Much Should Your Pledge Be?; Propaganda Just Happens. Dissent is a Choice.

Nygaard Notes #490, October 13, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: Occupying "1,464 Cities";Ideology, Imagination, and the Occupation of Wall Street; Unthinkable Solutions: Unlearning Our ABCs; Changing the Debate: Lessons from the 1930s

Nygaard Notes #489, September 28, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "Dramatically Lower the Overall Costs";A Correction, and Some Lessons Learned; Drug Shortages: What to Do?; When PR Isn't Enough: How Democracies Go To War

Nygaard Notes #488, September 13, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "A Difficult Conundrum"; State Spending in Minnesota is Up... And Down; Those Radical Christians!; Capitalism's Conundrum

Nygaard Notes #487, September 6, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "Reducing the Size of Government Was a Goal of the Deficit Plan."; Is Government Growing? Six Factors to Consider

Nygaard Notes #486, August 18, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: "Child poverty rose 56 percent in Minnesota in the last decade"; Understanding "Strategic Communication"; Communicating To Build Political Support

Nygaard Notes #485, July 31, 2011: "Quote" of the Week: Inequality "Three Decades in the Making."; Polls as Propaganda #4: Imagining "Systems Polling"; Polls As Propaganda #5: The Deepest Propaganda of All